Hidden Gems - Successful Landscape Painting Strategies

First video lesson on June 8/First online group Q&A Wednesday, June 14 from 10:00-11:30 EDT

Ready to unlock the keys to composition, color, and strong design  by looking  at the art of successful painters of the past? 


Join Hidden Gems! Pay close attention to art so that you can use that experience to improve your own work.

This unique course includes online video biographies of five Hidden Gem artists, video demonstrations, and online Zoom sessions with Lynn weekly.

Hidden Gems will help you to

  • Strengthen your compositions

  • Simplify forms to make stronger designs and abstract your art if you desire

  • Explore how artists from the past can inform your work today

  • Discover how to look at art with purpose

  • Have fun looking at art that you have never seen before by masters from the past

  • Learn strategies to avoid muddy paintings

  • Enjoy visiting museums or looking at art online like you never have before

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For access to a course that is jam-packed with information that will help you clarify your own artwork, and also help you to enjoy looking at art with purpose.

Do you struggle to improve your artwork?

I get it! Composition seems so simple, but over the years that I have been teaching, I have found that shapes, and how they are placed on the page or canvas, is one of the most difficult things for students to master. This class will help you with that and so much more. By observing artists that you may not have heard of from the past, you will learn ways of looking that will improve your own compositions and techniques. This course will have you thinking about your own work in new and exciting ways.

What students are saying

Lynn’s instruction was invaluable and her enthusiasm was infections and motivating! She brought out the best artist in each of us by inspiring us to push beyond the familiar and comfortable to find new expressions. We’re looking forward to the next workshop!—Carol M

After taking Hidden Gems you will:

Learn about and be inspired by artists who are unfamiliar to you. You will create oil or acrylic works that incorporate some facet of the Hidden Gem artist's art. This helps you enhance your work and gain a better knowledge of what interests you and why. It also helps you open your mind to various ways of working.

Your instructor

Lynn Goldstein

I have spent decades working to improve my art, and would have loved to have had a steady guide to help me along in my artistic journey. Instead, I had several college instructors that discouraged me. That is one of the reasons that I decided to start teaching. I wanted to be an encouraging voice to help uplift other artists and help them to feel great about what they were producing. I have been teaching art to adult learners for over 20 years, and have been a professional artist during that time. Additionally, I worked as a tour guide at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery for over two decades, and have spent my entire life going to museums as well. As a result, I have years of experience studying art by the masters. I incorporate that knowledge in all of my classes.

What to expect

  • Learn from master artists

    You will learn about 5 amazing artists from the past that you probably don't know. Each of these artists used strategies to make stronger work, and we will unearth those approaches together to make stronger art.

  • Learn to look at art with purpose

    During our 6-week session, you will learn to look at art from others with purpose. This will help you to evaluate other's work so that you can improve your own.

  • Face-Time with Lynn

    Each week during the class, we will have an online Zoom Q&A with Lynn to answer your questions and discuss your thoughts about what you are learning. This Zoom session will take place on Wednesday from 10am-11:30am and will be recorded if you can't make the session.

What students are saying

Lynn is such an intuitive teacher. She meets you at whatever level you are on as an artist, knows exactly what you need and works tirelessly to get you where you want to be as an artist. I always learn something new and exciting from Lynn. — Sandy S.

Limited Enrollment


  • When do I have access to the course?

    You will have access once your payment is received. The first lesson will drop on Wednesday, June 8. A new lesson will be available weekly. Your first online Q&A with Lynn will be Wednesday, June 14 from 10:00am-11:30am EDT.

  • How long do I have access to the course materials?

    After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for six months after the course is completed on July 27, 2022 - across any and all devices you own. Once you sign up for the course you will be on my email list and will receive periodic emails from me with information about upcoming workshops and images of my art.

  • What student level is the course suitable for?

    This course is perfect for beginning intermediate and intermediate students. You will jumpstart the strength of your art!

  • What medium should I be using in the course?

    This course is all about acrylic and water-mixable oils. I have tips for each medium that you will find helpful.

  • What is the refund policy?

    I want you to be happy with your experience. You may have a full refund 7 days after purchase if you are dissatisfied.

  • Do I need to purchase all the supplies on the list?

    I have indicated what is optional in the supply list provided. To achieve the best possible learning experience and end results to your projects, I highly recommend that you buy what is included on the list.

  • What are the internet requirements?

    You will need high-speed internet to watch the videos and/or download the content. We will also be using Zoom when we meet together online once a week.

  • Will there be an online community and access to Lynn during the course?

    Absolutely! I am happy to see what you’re up to and answer your questions in our private discussion group. I will be active in the group discussion board for the 6 weeks we are together in class. We will also have a 1.5 hour weekly Q&A on Wednesday, June 14, June 21, June 28, BREAK WEEK JULY 5, July 12, July 19, and July 26 from 10:00 am-11:30am EDT.

What to expect

You will be provided with videos and handouts that you may review in your own time. Additionally, each week the group will meet with Lynn for a Q&A to discuss the course material for 1.5 hours on Wednesdays, from 10-11:30 am EDT (with a break week the week of July 4)

With Hidden Gems, you will

Examine the lives and art of amazing artists to:

  • Be inspired!

  • Learn to simplify your compositions and forms to make stronger art

  • Gain an understanding of how to distill the essence of your work to make art that is more impactful

  • Make art that is more uniquely yours

  • Find comfort in the knowledge that the process is important to all successful artists

  • Explore color in a way that proves that "less" is so often "more"

What students are saying

"The Hidden Gems class composition is unique, and successful, challenging the students, in my case beyond what I thought capable of doing." --Judy B.

After teaching for over 20 years, and leading tours at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery for over 20 years as well, I have put together a course that combines the best of both worlds. You will want to be a part of it and your art will improve as a result!